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She even seduced Mila Kunis in a steamy lesbian scene on a library floor and Carole Boquet in a doctor's surgery... SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE VIDEO CLIPSSaldana and Kunis got up close and very personal in the lesbian love story After Sex. I guess it's a little salty."Saldana tackles another Hollywood heartthrob safely back on Earth in Haven.

A memorable scene from the 2007 movie features two young students exploring their sexuality in the university library. The actress, of Puerto Rican and Domican decsent, creates a splash with Orlando Bloom in the little-known 2004 movie.

However, thanks to an impressive Chinese haul — partly thanks to marketing putting actor Donnie Yen before Vin Diesel on posters — taking the total takings to 6.1 million, a sequel is coming.

Rob Cohen is best known these days for making trashy action movies like the original x Xx, the original The Fast And The Furious, and that one about the evil jet, but he hasn’t really gotten an opportunity to take advantage of the recent trend of well-received trashy action movies.

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Naturally, because this was a comic book in the ’90s, that required her to strap giant blades to her arms and become a mostly naked vigilante.The dual chain's parent, CKE Restaurants Holdings, based in Franklin, Tenn., is the latest company to adjust to the sizzling pace of change in the fast-food industry.Other giants are also tweaking their menus and images.Raquel Pennington, Tecia Torres, Jessamyn Duke and Angela Magana are all thought to have had intimate images recently plastered across the web.The alleged leaks range from nude bathroom selfies and artful photos taken in nature to more blatantly sexual shots that were clearly meant to be kept private.