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In general, even if this was something you grew up with, it’s best not to joke about spanking someone else’s kid, even if you’re close with their parents.

Helen Walters, 28, of Smoothas said: “I’m looking forward to servicing a wider than usual clientele.” The festival is the brainchild of Nek Namron, the man behind Chipping Norton’s new adult store Cotswold Erotica. Spanking also slows down mental development and lowers the probability of a child doing well in school,” Straus says.“More than 100 studies have detailed these side effects of spanking, with more than 90 percent agreement among them.highlights: The benefits of avoiding spanking such as the development of better interpersonal skills and higher academic achievement; The link between spanking and behavioral problems and crime; The extent to which spanking is declining and why despite the unusually high level of agreement between numerous studies which found harmful effects from spanking, most parents continue to spank. Part 1 documents the worldwide use of spanking and why parents spank.