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Bolt is a pure Go key/value store inspired by Howard Chu's LMDB project.The goal of the project is to provide a simple, fast, and reliable database for projects that don't require a full database server such as Postgres or My SQL.Since Bolt is meant to be used as such a low-level piece of functionality, simplicity is key.The API will be small and only focus on getting values and setting values. Bolt is stable, the API is fixed, and the file format is fixed.Provide collaborative and immersive experiences without thinking about networking code.

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Data is stored as JSON and synchronized in realtime to every connected client.[top] The following sample demonstrates how you can export one or many tables from a database to a flat XML dataset file.Note that if you want to specify a schema you can do this in the constructor of Database Connection. IData Set data Set = connection.create Data Set(); Writer out = new Output Stream Writer(new File Output Stream("my File.dtd"); Flat Dtd Writer dataset Writer = new Flat Dtd Writer(out); dataset Content Model(Flat Dtd Writer.Full unit test coverage and randomized black box testing are used to ensure database consistency and thread safety.Bolt is currently used in high-load production environments serving databases as large as 1TB.