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Straight women who send the first message typically receive replies even from men who are rated as more attractive.Conversely, women tend to be approached by men who are less attractive than they are.Women are more than two times as likely to get a response in the online dating world if they send the first message, according to a new study.The research, published by dating website Ok Cupid using data from the site, also suggests that the women who message first are more likely to chat with more attractive men.Ok Cupid says some of these questions are intended to be provocative to gauge one user's compatibility with others.But campaigners with learning disability charity Mencap have branded the question 'inappropriate, offensive and discriminatory', and want it to be removed from the site, as well as an apology from Ok Cupid for the offence caused.

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You might want to hold off on that 0 bottle of wine if you plan to impress your valentine date with your generosity.We may receive compensation if you apply or shop through links in our content.You help support Credit Donkey by reading our website and using our links.Ciara Lawrence, a Mencap campaigner from Surrey, who has a learning disability was horrified when she was shown the question by a colleague, and has started an online petition calling for it to be immediately removed.'However, now I am married, have a great job working at Mencap, and live an independent and happy life.I am very lucky that I have the right support around me, however, I know how important it is for people with a learning disability to have positive role models in their life, and be encouraged to fulfil our dreams.