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Needless to say, I was happy to oblige to this prompting.With a Diet Coke in one hand and worship music playing in the background, I stood over my paper and rearranged pictures from my daughter’s birthday party.Read our words then, and let them guide you to a drink as you celebrate a (European) winner, always paying heed to our motto: drink less, drink better, and remember, and don’t drink and drive. A special relationship Before we begin, a mention for Tiger Woods.Perhaps the greatest golfer to grace a course is absent from the tournament this year, which is disappointing on many levels. So the person who blamed golf for spoiling a walk (and it wasn’t Mark Twain, according to the interweb) is wide of the mark - you might even say "left of the green" - because golf courses actually make for a very pleasant walk; all that manicured lawn and branded polo shirts and stuff. Cows spoil everything with their stink and gormless noises.While he’s in decline, we would still like to see him out there, driving his balls down the careful coiffed fairway.

The onslaught of bitter, negative, discouraging, impure, and selfish thoughts seems unending, out of my control, and unchangeable.

Anytime you can beat an SEC team it is a good win." "I would really say it was my teammates. We started dating at the end of the spring semester our sophomore year. There are so many lifelong friendships I developed at Lipscomb.

She transferred to Lipscomb the spring of her sophomore year. "I moved over to Thoroughbred Financial Services in 2011.

I attended a Christian high school and have been walking with the Lord since I was sixteen, so I’ve been familiar with this verse for decades.

I’ve quoted it to struggling friends and have prayed it over myself during times of anxiety.