Dating bronze age axe heads

The list of Bronze Age hoards in Britain comprises significant archaeological hoards of jewellery, precious and scrap metal objects and other valuable items discovered in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) that are associated with the British Bronze Age, approximately 2700 BC to 8th century BC.

It includes both hoards that were buried with the intention of retrieval at a later date (personal hoards, founder's hoards, merchant's hoards, and hoards of loot), and also hoards of votive offerings which were not intended to be recovered at a later date, but excludes grave goods and single items found in isolation.

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Bronze Age (c.1500-1400BC) cast copper alloy primary shield pattern palstave, dating to the Acton Park Phase 137.5 mm L x 53.5mm W Early Bronze Age and early Middle Bronze Age, c.This isn’t the first time images of axe heads have been found on the stones.Five Bronze Age axes, twice the size of those normally discovered, have been discovered in a field near Boest, near Nørre Snede in Jutland, Denmark.It is 27.73mm wide, 27.16mm thick at the stop ridge, and the cutting edge is 53.84mm wide.The axe has a dark green patina, however most of the original surface has been removed, leaving a pitted, light green surface.