I show my beaver on web cam

A part of me enjoyed when the Riverside Park beaver was a secret.

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The lodge is shared by Pollux, above, her mate Castor, their young kit Anik, Pollux's adult daughter Boulotte, Boulotte's mate Peluche, Boulotte and Peluche's twin kits, and a couple of muskrats.I visited The Church of the Lost and Found on trips to NMB, listened to the cds and watched the web cam on Sundays. Bill Griffin Durham, NCAnn & family, I'm so sorry to hear about Beaver's passing. Even though I haven't been to The Church of The Lost and Found in several years I often listen to sermons through the website or either I pull out a CD from that invaluable collection.I'm glad to know that I have those CD's and I will cherish them forever.My parents, Ervin & Joann Privette, send their condolences as well.I remember back several years ago when Freddie Jones brought...