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I was among that giggling crowd when I first moved to England for a 7-year stint, being quite naive to British terminology beyond what I had picked up from my favorite older British sitcoms (e.g., , etc).

That’s the most common question from the snickering lips of Americans the first time they hear the name of this legendary British dessert.

The impressive steel-and-glass conservatory, custom-built for Babylonstoren by Serres et Ferronneries d’Antan in France.

The farm-to-table practices employed at the estate’s other fine restaurant, Babel, are in full evidence here, incorporating ingredients freshly plucked from the surrounding garden.

The farm-fresh produce is served in picnic-style wooden crates, and can be enjoyed within the restaurant itself during colder weather, or outside under the majestic oak trees.

Long before “social networking” became a buzzword, Bruce made his mark as a digital pioneer by co-founding Lavalife in 1988.

Under his direction, this early tech start-up grew into the marquee brand in online dating with over 2,000,000 users (and countless successful marriages! After its spectacular rise and with the support of his partners, he led the sale of the company for a stunning 180 million dollars."Bruce is now taking his expertise to a new level; he currently helms Round13 Capital, a company dedicated to investing in growth-stage digital companies.

Was it referring to the nickname of someone named Richard?

Some have wondered if comes from an old English corruption of the word pudding to “puddick.” But who knows? The first known recorded recipe of Spotted Dick is found in the mid-19th century cookbook, Ménagère, by Alexis Soyer, one of Britain’s first celebrity chefs who seems to imply that the pudding had already been around for some time.