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You’re not even given the option to chat if you wanted to, which leaves all the mystery for the first date. This app is perfect for people that prefer in person interactions, rather than endless swiping.

The app also gives you the option to request that the date be his treat or yours, so there’s no surprise at the end. If you match with someone, you specify when and where you want to meet and then just show up.

You end up matching with people, chatting for a while, and then getting bored before you even make it to a first date. According to Elite Daily, there’s a new app called “First” and it’s changing the game.

If you have a dream date idea that no one on Tinder is taking you on, you can now make a request for the date on “First” and if someone is interested in going on that specific date with you, you’ll meet up there.

You try Feeld and OKCupid and JDate and Farmers Only, but nothing works out. While men are predominantly visual creatures, many women require more than just a pretty face to become truly invested in someone. Or perhaps for men and men, with a few apps for women and women.

Swiping apps require you to make relatively hasty judgments based on six photos and a short bio. But gender doesn’t always fall along straight lines.

My friend was using Grindr all the time, other people were using apps like Tinder, and I thought, “This is ridiculous.

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Unfortunately, finding the dating app isn’t so easy (as if finding a perfect match weren’t hard enough).

The site also has some pre-set celeb head shots that you can peruse.

As of right now, there are 43 Zac Efron lookalikes, 689 Shay Mitchells, and 790 Ryan Goslings.

Or, you can scroll through the dates other people posted and pick one.

No small talk, no swiping, you’re simply making a date.