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hope that helped someone out :) Girls are nice and well rendered but the game play sucks. from a one to ten every game i have played has been twenties and they all rock, thankyou to thoose whom made it, and had any part in the stories.Way too specific a series of triggers to achieve the endings with no clue as to whethe ryou are on the right track. have two drinks in a row in the nightclub, leave, go back in, meet the girls, have another drink, then talk to them? i love this website and the games here this is amazing.- Buy the camera if you just want to fuck Rachel in the bedroom) Alex (hotelroom): Buy outfit (the one on the right) BUY OUTFIT Go somewhere else Travel uptown Show her where you work Check in with your secretary Let Alex work 1.

You can also click on the banner below, to get more games from the same team (paysite).* Small talk- But you defended me so chivalrously... She finally did it with...: bad- It looks like Angelica and Mr. you know.: good- Why did you break things up with what's his name ?This game is challenging in that choices made sometimes only affect options available later (so one cannot tell right away if that was a good decision... I feel that the designers can really kick ass if they wanted too.and might never know what was never made available because of a decision). Appreciate your efforts though as it`s easy sitting on this end and commenting without understanding why and how the designers work. the guide below is correct however i was unable to get he park ending possibly because of an update. when the guid says left or right it means the option closest to the ball on the left or right.Wow I had a didfferent experience than most of you here. We go out have some drinks, go to the strip club, have her act like a whore and she blows me and then says come to my place tomorrow and we`ll skio the fore play....pretty straight forward fuck! take screen shots hehe Sadly, Firefox is still primarily the only route to go on the virtual date site but they do have some tips in their Help and the walkthroughs for some other girls are handy PS, Kelly from PF1 they have a new girl out that looks hot .... "Finish having drinks" (You can also dance, but that doesn?? A ending not mentioned: at the club with Leilani the stripper. " Take Alex to the casino Go to the room Have a drink Finish having drinks Show Alex the bedroom 1. we should try and `recruit` her too =p Ok game, but there are so many other better sim dating games than this one, it felt like it needed more characters and maybe more options to interact with the girl, even though its suppose to be a more outgoing game style.... Then it asked me to active or allow `windows scripts`. t affect anything) Go to casino "Book a room for the night" "Book a room" "Do something else" (RACHfun 1; won??