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I've spent the past two weeks updating our old, outdated master bathroom.I did it all myself, and with a budget of less than 0.With my new miter box I was able to take my molding home and cut it myself.Also, be generous with the amount of Liquid Nails you use. Be sure to avoid the edges so it doesn’t seep onto your mirror when you press it.Now, onto the next part of this bathroom, the mirror.In the guest bath, I removed the construction grade mirror and hung a framed mirror.We've got the creative things you CAN do to make your bathroom better!Get the most bang for your buck by splurging on the powerful color combination (and stuff you can take with you when you move) of bold shower curtain and colorful art, in wall collage or giant oversize form.

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I bought mine at Lowes on the same aisle as the molding and it came with its own miter saw.I would love to upgrade to a fancy glass shower and gorgeous marble countertops, but that's just plain unrealistic for us right now.In the meantime, I wanted to at least upgrade the space by using a few inexpensive diy tricks I have up my sleeve, most of which require paint!Hopefully this will help give you some ideas & solutions for your own outdated bathrooms! I decided to switch it up a bit by putting round knobs on the drawers and vertical pulls on the doors.I love adding little personalized touches like that.